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Working under the alias ‘Elrosabel’, Lisa Dino is a multidisciplinary designer and artist who’s main focus is illustration as well as designing her own merchandise. Born in New Zealand and now residing in Melbourne, Australia, Lisa works independently as a freelance artist (since 2016). The name 'Elrosabel' stems from the 'L' in Lisa and Rosabel, her middle name. 

Elrosabel artworks are known to possess a strongly feminine and edgy visual art style with the contrast of vibrant and pastel tones. Her instinct is to escape from the seriousness of reality by imagining original characters like her loveable ‘Bloopi’ which you may notice throughout many of her recent works. Adding a sense of playfulness is essential and allows this over-imaginative artist to express her world playing with Bloopi’s and bright colours entangled in her round head. 

Lisa lives with her partner, surrounded with an abundance of happy plants and designer toys. She enjoys eating ramen, travelling and sculpts tiny collectible air dry clay figures under the name Plush Clay